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Financing at Dental Aesthetics Professionals

Financing Your Health Care in the New Age

Let’s face the facts, health care can be expensive today. Unless you pay for your own private insurance plan or, have a good insurance plan from your employer, you have to shoulder the bill of health care. We at Dental Aesthetics Professionals, understand this challenge. With that said, we have worked very hard to obtain the best health care financing options and plans to help all our clients.

We presently carry several dental financing providers and are constantly looking to find more creative and cost effective payment plans for the client facing financial hardships and challenges.

In addition to accepting several credit providers, we also offer access to several low cost dental insurance plan providers that have designed insurance plans specifically for the fixed income or financially challenged client. We have evaluated these plans to assure they are legitimate cost effective plans for all our clients.

Dental Insurance Plans – What to Look For & Avoid -

When choosing a dental insurance plan, you “the client” must do your home work as to what you sign up and pay for. You can easily end up paying for plans that don’t save you anything. Shopping around is the rule – not the option. Sadly, there are plans out there on the market today that cost you money and save you absolutely nothing….the horrible part is, they’re perfectly legal!

Several so called discount insurance plans have flooded the market that are nothing more than “paper games” that promise you a fixed price for specific dental care at an individual or family rate. Yet, if you simply checked with a dentist directly on their typical fees, you would find the dentist could offer you the same price or even lower…with no insurance plan at all. These so called “discount plans” collect your hard earned money on both a sign up fee and a monthly basis, pay nothing at all to the dentist, guarantee nothing and just simply get rich. Some even have contracts that lock you into payment plans no less!

We at Dental Aesthetics Professionals have never supported such plans. If we find you are being victimized by them we will alert you right up front and let you make an informed decision. We will always give you the lowest possible cost and not just accept some high cost rip-off plan when we know good and well we can offer you a more cost effective alternative. To do so, is simply unethical and goes against everything we believe in and stand for.

Dental Care Financing Options –

Various Financing Options at Dental Aesthetics Professionals

We offer several dental financing plans to help you spread the cost of your dental care process over a longer period.


Care Credit

Our most popular financing plan is “CARE CREDIT©”. The Care Credit plan can provide you up to $25,000 dollars in credit towards your health care needs. Care Credit can be applied for quickly and easily in office through a simple sign up form and a response is obtained within as little as ten minutes. Best of all, once you are approved, Care Credit is a generic medical care credit plan that can be used at any medical provider that accepts the plan. Care credit offers no interest and low interest options as well as from 6 months to up to 60 months payoff plans. Plan features vary, so please visit the care credit link under our links page for more detailed information.

Care Credit is easily applied for and even if you are declined, it will not affect your credit rating. Care Credit requires average credit and when approved and maintained properly, can actually be used to improve your credit rating. The one major difference with Care Credit is that the credit must be used specifically for health care credit. This is defined as credit for you, others in your family and even veterinary care.


Chase Health Advance

A second credit option offered is “Chase Health Advantage©”. Chase Health Advantage is much like the Care Credit plan with different payment times and finance rates. Chase health advantage offers payoff plans from 12 months up to 48 months depending upon the balance. Additionally, Chase periodically offers promotional options for treatment purchases of less than $1000.00.  Plan features vary, so please visit the Chase health advance web site on our links page for more detailed information.


Citi Medical Care Financing

A third option we offer is the CITI Health Card. This plan is similar to the CHASE plan and offers no interest and budget interest programs up to 48 months. CITI Health card can finance up to 100 percent of a dental procedure if you are approved. Again, plan features vary so please visit the Citi Health Card web site on our links page for more detailed information.

AMS Financial

AMS financial is credit company medical and dental providers work with that links with several very flexible third party credit providers for those with “less than perfect” credit scores. AMS works with you to help you establish credit even if you have a very low credit score. They offer various credit terms and payback plans through their partner credit companies that can help you obtain critical health services funding even in cash strapped times like today. Please feel free to visit their web site on our links page for more information or, just click the link above.

Standard Payment Options -

Dental Aesthetics Professionals will accept cash, personal check, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards.

12 Months Checks-As-Cash from CheckServices -

We are also working to soon provide a CASH ADVANCE payment service from CheckServices Corporation. When this service is active, it will allow our clients up to $5000.00 in instant credit for up to 12 months. This service does not even require a credit rating. If you maintain a good standing checking account and have a stable income, they will simply deduct a monthly amount from your checking electronically and instantly grant you the credit needed for your dental care.