Staff Backgrounds

Senior Dentist – Dr. Trent is a registered dentist in California and holds several post educational certificates in various dental specialties such as orthodontics, implants, cosmetic dentistry and TMJ/sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Trent is working towards her fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dental Center Manager – Miss Escobedo is a senior dental office manger with over twenty years of dental office management experience. She has been trained in dental treatment planning and coordination as well as various dental financing tools and options to help our clients obtain the best available care even with limited financial resources. Lupe is also well versed in HIPAA privacy compliance.

Registered Dental Assistants – Our dental assistants are trained and have been registered with the state of California. Each are certified with CPR and First Aid Training. Additionally, several of our assistants are Extended Function RDA’s that allows them to assist with more complicated dental surgeries and dental procedures. They have been specifically selected for their professional skills and equally their professional behavior.

Operations/Laboratory Manager – Mr. Mark Trent is our facility operations and laboratory manager. He is in charge of facility maintenance and performance. He is presently working on a masters degree in Health Informatics. He is a certified facility management professional and is responsible for maintaining our facility hardware. He is also a research associate at The Pacifica Consortium developing new medical and dental products.

Medical & Information Technology (IT) Manager – We contract our computer resources with a medical specialty IT company to maintain secure and reliable operations. This company complies with all HIPAA requirements to protect our clients privacy rights.